Free txtr ebook app for iOS, Android, Windows 8, PC and Mac

Learn more about the txtr ebook app for iOS

The txtr iOS ebook app offers a fully personalized reading experience and a fun way to discover new books on your iPad or your iPhone.

Learn more about the txtr ebook app for Android

The txtr Android ebook app is a fine working tool for bookworms: rapidly access your last read books, write notes, highlight text passages, and more.

Learn more about the txtr ebook app for Windows 8

The txtr Windows 8 ebook app is a great place to find new books and access your personal ebook library. Also available for Windows Phone 8!

Learn more about the txtr ebook app for PC and Mac

The txtr ebook apps for PC and Mac offer a comfortable reading experience and an easy way to side-load ebooks to your e-reader.

Why use our ebook apps?

  • Read your way: choose or adjust the size of the fonts, define the size of the margins and more.
  • Read your ebooks not just ours: read any ebook in ePub or PDF format, even if you haven't bought it in the txtr ebook store. You just need to upload your ebooks to your txtr cloud library and they will then be automatically available to read on your txtr app.
  • Find your next read: our Android and Windows 8 apps include an ebook store with frequent promotions and a vast choice of titles in the main European languages.
  • Read on several devices: your reading position, bookmarks, notes, highlights and more are synced in the cloud, so that you can switch devices at any time and never lose the plot!