The Reaktor

The Reaktor is the server infrastructure for txtr's digital reading services.
You can access all functionality of the Reaktor via public API from anywhere on the internet.

What can it do?

The Reaktor provides a complete backend for running a digital reading ecosystem. is using the reaktor as a backend, and so do many more digital reading sites (and apps) all over the world.

Reaktor functionality includes catalog access, checkout, eBook upload, storage ("vault"), download, metadata management, access rights management, presentation, discussion, search, and more.

How do I access it?

The Reaktor API has two components: The RPC (remote procedure call) part and the delivery part.
Delivery is dealing with binary data, that is: Upload and download of documents.
RPC is dealing with everything else.

The delivery component is always accessed through simple HTTP requests.

The RPC API can be accessed through JSON.

To get started, you'll probably want to get some background information. Then, you can have a look at the API documentation, or some code samples.

For information on how to get access to content, see the catalog API page.